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Auto key duplication

Adept Lock Safe & Auto is highly trained in auto key and remote duplication. Our experts specialize in duplicate keys for almost every make and model car, Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, RV etc... both new and old. Our prices are very competitive , and we can make these keys very quickly, helping you receive your key within a short time.

There are many times when a duplicate auto key can come in handy: if you have lost or misplaced a spare key, if you need to give your keys to a someone, or if you just want another spare key made. Your car keys are important, and having an additional key could make or break your day. I cant tell you how many times I've been to a clients home to fit keys to their vehicle with them saying "I was thinking about getting another key for my car but kept putting it off." Having a duplicate key made for your vehicle is allot cheaper than having to have one generated.

Call 416 464 1894 today to talk to one of our Automotive professionals to arrange a spare key for your transportation.